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Our Collective Team

The History of Madness of Canada / Histoire de la folie au Canada website Collective is an inter-disciplinary team of activists, survivors, academics, students and writers with a variety of research, education, and human rights involvements relevant to the history of madness and psychiatry, and to critical mental health and social justice movements more generally.

Our twenty-one members represent various regions of Canada, in addition to the United States and the United Kingdom. We contribute to the website, and its several allied projects, in a wide range of capacities.

Click on the below-listed names to learn more about the backgrounds, interests and involvements of our Collective members.

Lanny Beckman  (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Nerrisa Bonifacio  (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Geertje Boschma  (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Marie-Claude Thifault  (Ottawa, Ontario)

Megan Davies  (Toronto, Ontario)

Chris Dooley  (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Erika Dyck  (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Kathleen Kendall  (Southampton, England)

Eugène LeBlanc  (Moncton, New Brunswick)

Gregory Marchildon  (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Kathryn McKay  (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Robert Menzies  (Roberts Creek, British Columbia)

Marina Morrow  (Burnaby, British Columbia)

Martin Pâquet  (Québec City, Québec)

Isabelle Perreault (Ottawa, Ontario)

Diane Purvey  (Kamloops, British Columbia)

David Reville  (Toronto, Ontario)

Irit Shimrat  (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Kathy Teghtsoonian  (Victoria, British Columbia)

Deborah Thien  (Long Beach, California)

Andrea White  (Toronto, Ontario)

Jayne Melville Whyte  (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)


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