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New Book Announcement: Madness: A History

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Petteri Pietikäinen, professor at the History of Science and Ideas department from the University of Oulu (Finland), publishes on ambitious history of madness at Routledge:

Madness: A History is a thorough and accessible account of madness from antiquity to modern times, offering a large-scale yet nuanced picture of mental illness and its varieties in western civilization. The book examines the social and cultural forces shaping the medical and lay perspectives on madness, the invention and development of diagnoses as well as the theories and treatment methods by physicians, and the patient experiences inside and outside of the mental institution. Drawing extensively from primary records written by psychiatrists and accounts by mental health patients themselves, this is an essential read for all students of the history of mental illness and medicine.

For additional information on this text and other recent releases, see: http://historypsychiatry.com/category/announcements/book/