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Madness in the Library

The Library offers an assortment of primary and secondary materials.  These resources will be of interest to educators, students, activists, researchers, practitioners, journalists, and other stakeholders, and community members who wish to learn more about the history of psychiatry and mental health .

With the permission of authors, editors and publishers, we are building up an extensive collection of Canadian articles, book chapters and monographs on madness history.

We are also making digitally available a compilation of book reviews and commentaries, along with PhD, MA, MSW and Honours BA theses that have appeared on the subject through the years.  A comprehensive bibliography displays more than 800 sources addressing the history and culture of psychiatry, asylums, and mental ill health in Canada, with a strong presence of contributions from the psychiatric survivor and consumer communities.

As our Library continues to develop, we will be adding media content, filmographies and movie reviews, audio-visual materials, links to other websites, and other historical and cultural resources dedicated to the understanding of madness, its experience, treatment and control in Canada’s past and present.

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