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Madness in the Classroom

Education is a central pillar of this site, which is an excellent forum for the development of multi-media teaching materials on mental health that can be utilized at all levels of education.

Integrating madness into curriculum fosters new understandings of how professional power, socio-economic circumstance, and intolerance of difference served to disempower and stigmatize mental health patients in the past and continue to do so in the present.   At the same time, youth need to realize the potential for finding both community and empowerment through the journey of the mental health patient.

For young students, our curriculum materials encourage document-centred inquiry and active versus passive approaches to learning, teaching students analytical approaches that can be applied to communities and contexts in which they live.

For people whose professional lives intersect with mental health, our curriculum materials will offer an interprofessional perspective on a topic where a broader, more nuanced understanding of the past can usefully inform present practice.

Use the left hand menu to locate curriculum materials for Grades 7-12 and learn the latest news about our post-secondary education initiative.

Our current, past and future educational projects are detailed below: